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Dr. Sarathi Roy

ASML, Netherlands

Topic of Lecture:


Abstract of Lecture:

Part 1: Optical Scatterometry
I explain how Optical Scatterometry works to sense Nano-position & Reconstruction of Nano-geometry from Far Field Optical Measurement. What are the Main Challenges of this Method?

Part 2 : The Optical Lithography within ASML
ASML is the Global Leader on Optical Lithography Equipment & Applications around it, such as Optical & SEM Metrology. I will discuss in short the Basic Principles of Sate of the Art Lithography Tools based on Deep & Extreme Ultraviolet Illumination.

Part 3 : How we control Lithography Performance using Scatterometry?
The Final Part will be the Measurement & Control of Critical Performance Indicators of the Lithography Tool.

A Bit About Dr. Roy

Dr. Sarathi Roy is an Architect in Advanced Semiconductor Materials Lithography (ASML) for the Application Business Line. He has Experience working on Semiconductor Overlay-Statistics, Control Algorithms and Metrology. He did his Ph.D. on Application of Optical Scatterometry for Nano-positioning & Shape Reconstruction using Inverse Scattering.

 Engineer at ASML, On Product Overlay October 2015 - Present
To analyze & improve Overlay Performance with ASML's Lithography Machines; also, search & develop Future Solutions for Overlay Problems.
 PhD. Student at Delft University of Technology February 2012 - March 2016
Rapid, Non-invasive & Accurate Surface Inspection of Polymer-based Electronics using Optical Scatterometry for Next Generation Solar Cells & Bendable Displays.
 12 patents
 12 publications

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