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Prof. Nirmalya Ghosh

IISER Kolkata

Topic of Lecture:


Abstract of Lecture:

Spin Orbit Interaction (SOI) of Light Beam deals with the Interaction & Coupling of Spin & Orbital Angular Momentum Degree of Freedom of Light. The Angular Momentum (AM) of Light is related to the Circular (Elliptical) Polarization of Light Wave or Helical Phase Fronts (Vortex) of Optical Beams. 


The SOI Phenomena of Classical Light Beam have led to a Number Non-trivial Optical Phenomena like Spin & Orbital Hall Effect of Light, Optical Rashba Effect, Photonic Aharonov–Bohm Effect, Rotational Doppler Effect, Transverse Spin, Belinfante’s Spin-momentum and Spin-Momentum Locking etc., which have been observed in Diverse Mico & Nano Scale Optical System. These have generated a New Area in Photonics, namely, the Spin Orbit Photonics that not only deals with Fundamental Light-matter Interaction Effects but have also opened up Possibility of Development of a New Generation of Miniaturized & On-chip Integrable Multifunctional Photonic Devices based on the Angular Momentum & Geometrical Phase of Light.


I shall introduce this Emerging Field of Spin Orbit Photonics and discuss various Spin Orbit Photonic Effects in a variety of Light-matter Interactions, e.g., in Propagation of Light in Inhomogeneous Anisotropic Medium, Reflection / Refraction of Beams at Dielectric Interfaces, High Numerical Aperture Imaging & Focusing of Fundamental or Higher Order Gaussian Beams, scattering from Micro / Nano Scale Optical Systems, Propagation of Light in Nano-structured Metamaterials, Meta-surfaces and so forth. In this context, I shall discuss some of our Recent Work in this Area on Spin Orbit Interaction of Light in Spatially Tailored Plasmonic Materials and other Hybridized Metamaterials. The Prospect of Development of Spin-orbit Nanophotonics Devices for Numerous Applications will be highlighted.

A Bit About Prof. Ghosh

Nirmalya Ghosh is a Physicist with Specialization in Optical Physics and Photonics. He joined Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Kolkata, India in 2010 and is currently Professor in the Department of Physical Sciences and Centre of Excellence in Space Sciences India (CESSI), IISER Kolkata. At IISER Kolkata, he developed and runs Bio-optics & Nano-photonics (bioNap) Research Laboratory. The group has made Important Contributions in Areas of Spin (Polarization) Optics, Weak Measurements, Plasmonics and Biophotonics. He is the recipient of the G. G. Stokes Award in Optical Polarization given by SPIE. He is also a Fellow of Indian Academy of Sciences (FASc) and Fellow of National Academy of Science, India (NASI). He has authored over Hundred Papers in Peer-reviewed International Journals, which have received over Four Thousand Citations with h-index of Thirty-eight. He has also written several Invited Reviews, Book Chapters and a Text Book in the Area of Optical Physics and Photonics.

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