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Mr. Dhruba Das

SAMEER, Kolkata

Topic of Lecture:


Abstract of Lecture:

Microwave & Millimeter Wave RADAR Front-ends are the Heart of any Tracking System. Component & Subsystem-level Design Considerations and a Cohesive Understanding of the Design Criticalities lead to Successful One-pass Design Success. The Building Blocks of such Front-ends will be discussed and Steps involved in the Design from Component Level to Final Integrated Design will also be discussed.

A Bit About Dr. Das

Dhruba Das is working as a Scientists C at Sameer Kolkata Centre. He is working in the Field of Microwave Circuits & Systems for more than 10 Years. He completed his B.Tech. in Electronics and Communication Engineering from the West Bengal University of Technology in 2010. He completed his M.Tech. in Electroics and Telecommunications Engineering with a specialization in Microwave Communication in 2012 from Bengal Engineering and Science University (currently IIEST- Shibpur). His work includes the Design of Three-channel Mono-pulse Receivers at X-band & Ku-band, Phase-locked Frequency Synthesizers at S-band, X-band & Ku-band, Amplifiers and Filters at X-band & C-band, Circulators at X-band & Ku-band, W-band Switches and Phase Tuners. He has been involved in the Design & Development of mm-wave Front-end Transmitter-receivers. He also has Experience in Antenna Design & Development. He has a Number of Papers published in Conferences & Journals. He is an IEEE Member.

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